Shyamanand Jalan was one of the first established Indian theatre directors to move away from the proscenium theatre and explore studio theatre performances at Padatik Little Theatre 1 (PLT1) which he designed in 1982, followed by Padatik Little Theatre 2 (PLT2) in the 1990’s.

Padatik today is arguably the only non-governmental performing arts institution in the country which boasts of three fully equipped intimate performance spaces seating between 60 to 100 people. These include Shyamanand Jalan’s dream project – the recently inauguratedShyamanand Jalan Rooftop Theatre (SJRT) – designed by Architect Anubha Fatehpuria- which uses innovations like moveable retractable seating systems, mobile greenrooms etc. to create a truly flexible space which allows directors to redesign the performing area according to their needs.

A cafeteria will also soon be integrated into the design.


Hiring the Padatik Performance Spaces

Over the years, Padatik Theatre and varied groups from within and outside the city have performed here regularly, making it a creative hub and Kolkata’s most popular studio theatre complex amongst theatre groups, dance groups and audiences alike!

Limited dates are available for booking by independent groups and institutions.

To stage your play here, please submit your application as per the guidelines.

Booking request form

All shows will be announced on the Padatik Theatre Website Calendar.



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