A Woman Alone

Padatik Theatre, Kolkata's production






12 April 2014, at the Padatik little Theatre 2, Kolkata Invited to the NCPA Select October 2014 at The Experimental NCPA, Mumbai Invited to the Delhi International Arts Festival, October 2014, at Kamani, New Delhi


A Woman Alone is about a housewife in an abusive relationship with her jealous husband who has locked her up in her own home

Yet, as a dutiful housewife she goes through the dull drudgery of daily chores

She takes care of her baby

Looks after her perverted head to toe plastered brother in law

Fights with the peeping Tom

Deals with dirty phone calls

Her daily life is slowly driving her to madness

But will it…..

As she talks to her new neighbour

She realises she has a choice

Will she accept the challenge of that choice….


Director’s Note

The issues Franca Rame and Dario Fo tackle in this monolouge are not new….

But they are issues that still exist…

Franca Rame describes A Woman Alone as being about the housewife who has everything except the most important thing: the right to be treated as an individual and respected as such.I demand, she says, respect for women everywhere: at home, in the street, in the family and in bed.

But most of all, again in the words of Franca Rame…….because we women have been crying for two thousand years…….let’s laugh now, even at ourselves.

Cast and Credits:



Sanchayita Bhattacharjee


Playwright – Franca Rame and Dario Fo

Translation – Gillian Hanna


Mahmud Alam


Lights - Pabitro Sarkar

Costume & Props - Gopal Sarkar

Program Officer & Publicity – Ruchira Das

Public Relations – Dr. Jayasri Mitra