A Padatik Theatre & rikh production






23, 24, 25 & 26 September 2012, at Gyan Manch, Kolkata Invited to the Nandikar Festival 2012 17 December at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata Opened Bharangam 2013 (NSD Main Festival) with 2 shows 5 January at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi Opened Bharangam 2013 (NSD Satellite Festival) 7 January at Rabindra Manch, Jaipur Invited to the 15 Years Celebrations of India Habitat Centre 2013 13 & 14 August at Stien Auditorium, New Delhi


Rajadhyaksha, a nationally acclaimed writer, is dictating his autobiography to Pradnya – a young researcher who has chosen his works as the topic for her thesis. The writer and his wife Uttara separated thirty years earlier because of a brief relationship between Rajadhyaksha and Uttara’s sister Vasanti.

Rajadhyaksha has published a novel depicting these events, where Uttara/Vasanti become the semi-fictional Urmila/Vasudha. The book makes their relationships a source of gossip and discussion for the press and public.

Uttara and Vasanti have since reconciled but one day the past resurfaces.

As all four characters look at their own lives, different layers and versions of the truth emerge revealing all of them trapped in their own “cycle of torment.”

Director’s note

Everything is recorded.
Everything recorded is distorted.
Everything distorted is recollected.
Everything recollected is recorded.
The cycle continues.

Shifting points between differing truths, the play of memory finds itself questionable.

The “cycle of torment” can be stopped. “The cycle of torment” cannot be stopped. At the intersection of these two possibilities, the play inevitably narrates its predicament at every evening’s performance.

Every evening’s images lay themselves almost exactly over the previous evening’s images.

Almost. But not quite. Not exactly. Everything therefore a little distorted. Re-recorded. Recollected.

It is a bleak universe.

Hope, if any, lies in the stars. The light they throw on words. The light words throw on life.

About rikh

Rikh – to scratch, to tear up (the ground), to draw, to engrave, inscribe, trace a line, to delineate or out-line…


Cast and Credits:



Kulbhushan Kharbanda - as Rajadhyaksh
Chetna Jalan - as Uttara/Urmila
Sanchayita Bhattacharjee - as Vasanti/ Vasudha
Anubha Fatehpuria as Pragya


Playwright  Mahesh Elkunchwar


Design & Direction - Vinay Sharma
Lights Sudip Sanyal
Props Sanchayita Bhattacharjee
Costumes - Anubha Fatehpuria
Foyer & Facebook Campaign - Anubha Fatehpuria
Folder - Subhamay Basu, Graphite
Sets, Sound & Film - Vinay Sharma


Sets Ajay Ranu
Lights Pobitro Sarkar, Jonmenjoy Haldar
Sound Shubho Das
Sound Recording - Prasad Studio
Props Sanchayita Bhattacharjee
Costumes Anubha Fatehpuria & Sanchayita Bhattacharjee
Film Samrat Mukherjee
Videography & Editing - Post Production studio
Folder Subhamay Basu


PR Coordinator - Rina Mitra & Ruchira Das
Production Assistant - Pratigya Ghosh
Production Crew Gopal Sarkar, Manik Das, Jugal Das

Executive Producer

Mahmud Alam