Bikhere Bimb (Broken Images)

A Padatik Theatre Production






25 & 26 July 2009, at Padatik little Theatre 2, Kolkata


“The twenty- first century is the age of the electronic image. From every corner of our world electronic images fling themselves at us, entertaining, educating, enticing, offering us a virtual world of global dimensions to immerse ourselves in. The very notion of a private self seems threatened by this onslaught from outside. But suppose the most vociferous of these images were one’s own?   Manjula Nayak is not very successful Kannada short story writer….. Suddenly she becomes wealthy and internationally famous by writing a best-seller in English. The question haunting Manjula is whether in thus opting for global audience she has betrayed her own language and identity. A little known face in Karnataka, she has now acquired an international image and inherited problems of loyalty and betrayal. And without warning, it’s her own image that decides to play confessor, psychologist and inquisitor.”

Director’s Note
This above note is taken from the brochure of Rangashankara’s production and I presume that it was written by Girish Karnad. Unlike Rangshankara’s production where there was one actress both on stage and on the video, our production does not use any video. It is my conviction, strictly personal, that the theatre can do without the use of video. This conviction is based on two reasons: One, to make use of video in theatre is to admit the limitation of theatre and I believe theatre as a medium of immense imagination admits of no limitations. Secondly the moment you use video the image becomes larger than life and the Actor is diminished which is not acceptable.   At any rate it is after the production we shall know whether the Bikhre Bimb does/can work without the aid of video.
Playwright Girish Karnad
Translation – Padmavati Rao        

Cast and Credits:



Anubha Fatehpuria - as Manjula Nayak
Chetna Jalan - as Bimb
Simran Jain / Tanvi Todi - as Announcer


Lights - Badal Das
Sets - Kunal Padhy
Music - KunalPadhy, Jayanto Banerjee