Camera Obscuras

A Padatik Theatre & rikh- production






1, 2 August 2014, at Padatik Little Theatre II, Kolkata


Two comic performing faces reach a remote space where they begin ‘playing’ for each other.

One decides to play God, the other takes on the role of TV.

In the course of their improvisations, they discover other faces as TV shows God the ‘real’ world.

The stories they tell are malignant and violent.

They affect the relationship between the performers and their belief in each other.

The play looks at the illusion of god in the mind of man and the hallucination of man in the mind of god, at the place of chance, violence, performance, action and reaction in our lives. It queries what it means to be real, to be faithful, to be human.

It’s a comedy till it turns dark.


Director’s note

camera obscura:

Latin; camera for “vaulted chamber/room”, obscura for “dark”, together “darkened chamber/room”; plural: camera obscuras.

Also another name for the pin hole camera in which light projects an inverted image of an object inside the camera.

A face is a space to be used. It may be used to reveal or conceal.

This play is not about the face of god but about the faces of man.

We are all actors in that we all ‘perform’ roles in one way or another.

All of us play god off and on with some people in our lives.  At times we do it forcibly, on occasions we may be forced to do so.

Quite removed from the realm of religion, we depend on other gods we invoke in life.

Our relationships balance on a fulcrum of faith – a belief in the genuineness of performance of both the believer and the believed-in.

At one level the play is as synopsised.

But for those who are inclined to dig deeper, many other facets may emerge as the play faces up squarely to the mind’s dark rooms where the performer and the performed meet the real world and its inversions in a head on collision.


About rikh

rikh– : to scratch, to tear up (the ground), to draw, to engrave, inscribe, trace a line, to delineate or out-line…

Cast and Credits:



Anubha Fatehpuria

Pradip Mitra


Script, Design & Direction – Vinay Sharma


Design, Light, Set, Costume & Original Soundtrack  - Vinay Sharma


Lights                           - Pobitro Sarkar

Sound                          - Shubho Das

Set                               - Ajay Ranu

PR & Publicity               - Ruchira Das

Stage Manager              - Karanjit Singh

Production Crew            - Gopal Sarkar, Jugal Das, Manik Das