Ho sakta hai do aadmi do kursiyaan / could be two men two chairs

A Padatik Theatre Production




Hindi (2005) and English (2008)


Decenber 2005, at Padatik Little Theatre 1, Kolkata Invited to Mumbai Festival, P.L.Deshpande Complex, January,2007 Invited to Sudarshan Manch, IUCA and FTII, Pune, 2007 Performed at the Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai – November 2007 Invited to Nehru Centre, London in 2007 Invited to Watermans, London in 2008


the play is an exploration of stillness and silence, word and image, inscapes and instresses. Zooming in on fragments from individual lives, the play uses an ironic juxtaposition of humour with the tragic, as two actor-protagonists tell a number of apparently unconnected stories linked by the emotions born of love, loss and absence.

their two chairs become a mercurial, ever changing metaphor as the play intersects urban relationships and makes the implicit statement that we are given life to experience compassion not to inflict violence or to succumb to an inner decay.

Director’s note
rikh- “ to scratch, to tear up (the ground), to draw, to engrave, inscribe, trace a line, to delineate or outline…..the earliest meaning of rikh-, to scratch, to tear, occurs in the Rg veda where it involves a violent action.” A name for the kind of theatre one tries to be a part of. In this play each scene is open to questions and interpretations. the chairs in this play could be anything, these men could be anyone, these events could all have happened on the same day or be spread over a nation’s history…..

…though each scene is complete and stands by itself, there is also a meaning or two implied in the order in which the scenes are arranged. as the play intersects random personal fragments from within the individual and the crowd, it indicates a movement between idealism and decay, between hope and rage, from viewing to taking action.

change the order of the scenes and it could all seem different.

another possible synopsis through scene titles

Scene one: possible viewers, possible situations
Scene two: two performers play verbal chairs (remix)
Scene three: hope/ idealism/ youth
Scene four:  terror/ the moment in the world today
Scene five: love &the unexplainable/ when do things begins to go wrong
Scene six: the past lies buried and burning in the crowd
Scene seven: what you can make of chairs
Scene eight:  idle idols
Scene nine:  the space of conflict is subject to time/ how to argue with the dead in two easy chairs
Scene ten: we are stardust
Scene eleven: what chairs can make of you
Scene twelve:  the crowd in a picture and pictures in the crowd/ simulacrums
Scene thirteen: decay and the edifice/ anyone one day without reason
Scene fourteen:  ho sakta hai do aadmi do kursiyaan

Cast and Credits:



Shakil Khan
Vinay Sharma
2 chairs


Playwright – Vinay Sharma
Translation – Vinay Sharma

Design & Direction – Vinay Sharma
Music fragments by chance