Khela – The Game, Jaake Paabi Taake Chhon…

A Padatik Theatre & OGLAM production






The play reflects on the life and the tale of lonely Old couples of the city whose young children had drifted away from them for their career.  The Chatterjees are similar couples with their two sons settled in abroad. Mrs. Chatterjee has almost lost her sight and her mind too as she failed to bear her children’s absence.  Mr. Chatterjee hires the ‘Helping Hand Company’ to provide them with a young couple disguised as their son and his wife for a day.  A strange Game of the known and the unknown begins. Parallel to this runs another narrative about the fate of many Indians who settle abroad. The two tales meet on a nonlinear plane at the end questioning the relevance of such selfish relocation in a different country….

Director’s note

Notes from the off side….

Everyone plays the game of life, but rarely one would follow the rules.  While ‘Life-cross-words’ grow challenging,’Solutions’ turn out to be dreadfully radical. While our expectations trap us in hours of unanticipated bewilderment, we incessantly hunt for more and more magical resolutions. The Chatterjees, an old couple, based in India with their children settled abroad, find themselves trapped in a game of ‘wish-fulfilling programme.’ They hire the ‘Helping Hand Company’ to solve their gnawing problem of aloneness. And the game begins….

In this game, ‘Life’ is graded in three areas of existential spaces…….. fields….., the individual, the family and finally the social space.

The game, for the Chatterjees, begins rather long before they had decided to play it.  Some ‘Kabir’ is their younger son….working in the US… And some ‘Kabir’ is caught in the game of global politics of terrorism and identity… And some ‘Kabir’ returns home to meet Ma and Baba….. And some ‘Kabir’ is trapped in our head….

And some ‘Kabir’ is released…..

…. Now the challenge is to locate them, identify them and resolve the puzzle… It is all a GAME…..

We welcome you to register and wait beyond the line…… all alone….

Solitudo Solitudinis …..      Solitudo Solitudinis….        Solitudo Solitudinis….


Organization to Give Life A Meaning (OGLAM)

OGLAM is a registered non-governmental socio-cultural organization based in Bally. It was born in the year 1997, with a performance of a short play, Reflection, based on Milan Kundera’s novel Immortality, in the famous Becker Hall, Presidency College. From there it progressed as a full-fledged amateur theatre group with a series of successful productions. Presently it has collaborated with Padatik Theatre, Kolkata. Sri Shyamanand Jalan had facilitated the amalgamation of the two and provided them the opportunity to work in the Padatik Theatre space. OGLAM had also conducted workshops for executives, actors and students.

After registration it has sheltered more variants as its modus operandi of exploring the aesthetic beauty of being. The production repertoire of Oglam-Padatik presently includes Hayavadana by Girish Karnad, Beyond Freud by Janardan, Ek Je Cchilo Brikkho by Anindya Sanyal, Khela by Sisir Kumar Das. OGLAM intends to create an ambience of sincere socio-cultural growth in Bally and subsequently in the city of Kolkata.

OGLAM, Bally … a journey within, a mission with out.….

Cast and Credits:



Anuradha Das/Swati Mukherjee
Piyali Ghosh
Rabin Sengupta/ Subrato Ghosh
Maruf  Ali Sheik
Abhijan Basu
Kartikey Tripathi
Vidyapati Chakraborty
Niloy Saha
Narendranath Shah Bhowmick


TextSishir Kr. Das, Joy Goswami and Janardan Ghosh
Concept & Design Janardan Ghosh
Creative Assistance - Sandip, Narendra and Rina Mitra
Music - Deb Kumar Paul
Lights Execution - Pabitra Sarkar
Sound Execution - Subho Das
Technical Assistant  - Gopal Sarkar
Make-Up - Tutul and Puspa
Photo  - Sanmoy Lahiri 


Production Crew  - Manik Das, Jugal Das