? Kya tum mujhse pyaar karte ho

A Padatik Theatre & rikh- production




Hindi, English


29 June 2014, at Padatik Little Theatre II, Kolkata


 There is no story to this set of conversation pieces  – not the way stories usually are. Each piece is complete in itself.

There are however people and situations:

A man looking for a corkscrew.

A father, a mother, a son trying to rememorize each other.

A voice looking for a space where it can understand what it wants to say.

And He and She – carrying on conversations in and out of love – their content slicing through some of our deepest worries, aggressions and puzzles.


Director’s note

To begin with the feeling that love is all there is.

To continue and find that love is all there isn’t.

To yearn for what isn’t, what is missing.

To confront the hidden, the repressed, the unsaid, the unsayable – all that blocks the arteries leading to the heart of any relationship.

To discover that love is the disease, the patient and the cure.

To make home, settle down in the question ? kya tum mujhse pyaar karte ho.

To find the walls and ceiling, the windows and doors, the furniture, the floor, the air are funny and savage, tender and harsh, bathetic and camp, intransigent but utterly fragile – all at the same time.


About rikh

 rikh– : to scratch, to tear up (the ground), to draw, to engrave, inscribe, trace a line, to delineate or out-line…

Cast and Credits:


Do You Love Me


Vinay Sharma



Md Araf

Pratigya Ghosh

Vijaylaxmi Kothari

Arnab Samaddar

Karanjit Singh

Kartikey Tripathi

Sushil Valmiki


Novel– Do You Love Me

Author – R D Liang

Adaptation and Translation – Vinay Sharma

Design & Direction – Vinay Sharma


Lights  - Dinesh Poddar


Lights - Pobitro Sarkar

Sound - Shubho Das

Print & Publicity - Ruchira Das

Production Crew - Gopal Sarkar, Jugal Das